Why People Choose To Retire In Tucson

Dated: 02/12/2017

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Considering where to retire is a tremendous life decision. A retirement spot is the place where you’re choosing to spend your newfound time and energy! So why choose Tucson? First, its beauty is limitless. From the mountains and canyons to the beautiful desert landscapes and sunsets, Tucson never ceases to amaze. That's only the beginning of why Tucson is such an outstanding retirement spot!

Arizona as a whole is typically relished for its warm winters and Tucson is no exception. Temperatures stay in the 50s and 60s during the winter and we have maybe one or two days with snowfall a year! Year-round outdoor weather makes Arizona the epicenter for desert golf. As a whole, the state has over 70 highly ranked public courses and Tucson is home to 40 of them. Here’s a page with listings of Tucson golf courses including info and ratings/reviews for each!

If you enjoy more active outdoor activities, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our bicycle friendly city. Nearly every road here has bike lanes and there are plenty of groups for avid as well as casual bikers. If you’re interested in competitive biking, Tucson has a fantastic event called El Tour de Tucson held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Over nine thousand citizens of all ages participate in one of the course lengths. There are fun ride courses spanning ¼ mile, 5 miles or 11 miles and the main event includes courses spanning 25, 40, 55, 75, or a whopping 104 miles!

Now, about the aforementioned mountains and canyons! There are endless landmark and sightseeing opportunities in and around Tucson. Here are just a few of our phenomenal national parks which have great hiking opportunities in addition to breathtaking views.

  • Saguaro National Park

  • Red Rock State Park

  • Tonto National Forest

  • Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

  • Tusayan Ruins

  • And of course, the infamous Grand Canyon National Park.

The common misconception that the desert doesn’t have any water-related activities is proven wrong by our white water rafting spots, Salt River Canyon (also known as mini grand canyon) and the Verde River. For other water sports like jet skiing, boating, etc. we have several lakes including Lake Havasu, Patagonia, Powell, Mead, and Mohave. Many of our lakes have fishing and camping spots as well. Here are a few:

  • Theodore Roosevelt Lake

  • Apache Lake

  • Bartlett Lake

  • Colorado River

  • Saguaro Lake

Is Tucson somewhere you want to retire? Contact Robin Willis at (520) 481-3695 to find your new home!

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