What Is Staging And Should I Do It

Dated: 01/27/2017

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When preparing your home for sale, many, but not all, agents will recommend that you stage your home.  The reasoning behind this is that a staged home will be more appealing to buyers and produce a faster sale.

So what exactly is “staging”?

Staging your home means that you present it in a way that depicts an ideal home or the best use of your home’s floorplan.  For example, staging often includes the use of accent pieces throughout the home, lighting to highlight the best features, and neutral (but not bland) colors that appeal to the widest range of people.  In addition, furniture placement will be considered and implemented to make your home’s floor plan as appealing as possible.

BEFORE:  Unstaged Home

What are the benefits?

Research indicates staged homes spend 73% less time on the market than non-staged homes and sell for up to 17 percent more than a non-staged home.” – U.S. Housing and Urban Development.  As a real estate broker, I can personally attest to the success that my clients have had when they have chosen to stage their home versus just showing it as is.  This difference is even more distinct when comparing a staged home to a previously vacant home.  Not only do staged photographs look great, but buyers coming into the home can get a “feel” for how nice it could be to live there.  This is especially important when you have a home with a great room or open concept.  What looks like a giant blank space when vacant becomes a welcome place to live with the right furniture placement and decorations.  These two photos show the difference between a vacant home and a staged home.  

Is it expensive?

IAFTER:  Staged homet can be, but doesn’t have to be.  If your home is not vacant and you own nice furniture and décor, then a staging consultation is probably all that is needed.  During a consultation, a designer will come in and give you advice regarding using what you already have to present your home in the best light possible.  He/she may also recommend purchasing additional décor items to complete the look.  If your home is vacant, the cost is higher because you will be renting the staging company’s furniture in addition to paying for their services.  To save in this scenario, try staging just the most important rooms: kitchen/dining, living room, owner’s suite, and bathrooms.

Should I stage my home?

Probably.  If you are selling a home in a very low price bracket where demand exceeds supply, then it probably won’t be necessary or cost effective. However, if your home is in a price category where there is more competition for buyers, I highly recommend it.  Remember, homes that are staged spend 73% less time on the market and sell for up to 17% more than a non-staged home.  It’s worth the investment!

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